Lesson Ideas

Materials and Tools to Make

Colored GlueColored Gluepdf logo

Colored Glue is a great adaptation for the classroom and can be used in a variety of ways. Students may draw lines or dots. The colored glue becomes both textural for a tactile experience and visually colorful. The glue can still be used as an adhesive. The only expense is the bottle of glue.

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Funky BrushFunky Brushpdf logo

Funky Brush is a painting tool designed for people with different abilities. The funky brush can be made from shelf liner or several types of foam. You can use the brush several ways; push, pull, drag, dab, wiggle, or twist.

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Muffin Tin CrayonsMuff-N-Tin Crayons™pdf logo

Muff-N-Tin Crayons™ are textured on all sides and are larger allowing for easy grip and less hand fatigue. The flat top and bottom keep the crayon on a slanted surface. Multi-colors will increase the artist's motivation.

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Texture BoardsTexture Boardspdf logo

Texture Boards and textured surfaces can be used for art activities. The surfaces illustrated below include a short list of possibilities. Texture Boards can be used with textural collage and mixed media, rubbings from crayons, clay textures, and more!

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Ideas for Lessons and Projects to Teach

CollageCollagepdf logo

Collage and Mixed Media is combining and piecing together different materials which can add interest and depth to artwork. Layering and using a variety of materials can also keep a student’s interest longer and possibly increase his/her attention span.

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Cutting ShapesCutting Shapespdf logo

Cutting straight cuts can be made very easy with the Adapt-A-Cut®. What about circles? With a little creativity circles, mountaincapes, and cityscapes can be quick and easy for anyone!

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Functional ArtFunctional Artpdf logo

Functional Art has a use along with an aesthetic appearance. Crazy Quilts are the inspiration for the functional art form. These can be made into note cards that can then be shared with family members and friends or sold as part of a business venture.

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PaintingPaintingpdf logo

Painting tools, materials, and techniques for students and people with special needs can involve so many items. Consider the type of paint, the surface that will be painted, and the tools to apply and move the paint.

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SculptureSculpturepdf logo

Sculpture incorporates a variety of materials. Some materials are common and can be found with little or no cost. Two sculpture ideas are listed below.

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WeavingWeavingpdf logo

Weaving ideas and adaptations can include changing materials used for the warp and weft of traditional weaving. A quiet weaving station can be a motivator for students.

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