Adapt-A-Cut® allows a person with any physical ability/movement the opportunity to cut.  The universal designed handle has 4 unique features that adapt to the user’s needs.  With Adapt-A-Cut® you will experience:

  • Increased student motivation and accomplishment
  • Decreased dependency on teacher or caregivers
  • Less hand fatigue


Adapt-A-Cut® has been designed to suit everyones uniquness. It can be modified with different attachments to provide for a better experiance. Below is a list of different ways you can modify the Adapt-A-Cut®

  • Using a varity of holding positions on the tool
  • Velcro threw the hole
  • T-Bar threw the hole
  • T-Bar and Velcro combination
  • Use the rear dimple with knuckles or a head pointer


Safety is first. The sharp replaceable blade is contained within the tool. Only paper or thin sheet material will be able to reach the blade. Because the blade is contained within the tool, a user can pull the tool toward herself/himself without harm. If an assistant or student buddy needs to help the user cut, all fingers are safe from the sharp blade.

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