Adapt-A-Hold™ has been designed to suit everyones uniquness. It can be modified with different attachments to provide for a better experiance. Adapt-A-Hold™ uses the same system of attachements as the Adapt-A-Cut®

  • Using a varity of holding positions on the tool
  • Velcro threw the hole
  • T-Bar threw the hole
  • T-Bar and Velcro combination


Adapt-A-Hold™ can be used as a thin material holder or as a ruler. Between the clear plastic pieces of the Adapt-A-Hold™ are two very strong magnets. As a ruler, the Adapt-A-Hold™ has metric, inches, and braile written on the top. This allows any person to use this and to accurately measure. There is also a writing surface in the middle to add notes or a reminder to help you get your project done.


Very little hand fatigue when you use Adapt-A-Hold™ to grasp the paper at the correct height for cutting with Adapt-A-Cut®. The feet of Adapt-A-Hold™ will keep the tool from sliding.  To release the paper, gently push down on the clear area and lift at a slant with the handle.

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