Kathryn and Andy"As an art teacher my goal is to allow all of my students various opportunities to communicate their ideas creatively with independence. It is independent expression that motivates us to learn more."

Kathryn Rulien-Bareis, CEO

B Able To, Inc focuses on the abilities of people who have physical limitations and cognitive disabilities and their need to perform certain creative tasks. Our mission is to offer products and ideas that will provide opportunities for people to creatively express thoughts with independence. B Able To, Inc has these principle goals for everything we do:

  • B Able To, Inc. products will allow all people the opportunity to cut, to hold, to guide, to make marks, and to be independent
  • B Able To, Inc. will design tools with human factor. Our products have a Universal Design and are available for anyone to use, regardless of ability or age

  • B Able To, Inc. will create and maintain lesson and project ideas related to art for educators, parents, and caregivers via http://www.bableto.com/lessons

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